try! Swift World Fall Edition! Performance, Combine, Build Settings, SwiftUI & More

Hello, World!

I hope you were able to find small joys this summer. Hard to believe it’s already September! But the good news is that we’ll be restarting workshops! Lots of new and exciting ones to come, starting next week. Happy learning!

Identifying performance bottlenecks in development workflow

n this workshop, you will learn to write performance tests using both XCTPerformanceMetric and XCTMetric system, monkey-patch all the rough edges in performance APIs, and extract performance metrics for your CI pipeline.

First steps in Combine

This is the perfect time to incorporate Combine in your apps. In this fast-moving workshop we’ll take a simple SwiftUI app and convert into one that uses Combine. You’ll get a feel for the four main components of Combine: Publishers, Subscribers, Subscriptions, and Operators.

Take Control Of Xcode Build Settings

In this hands-on workshop you will explore build settings in a variety of contexts beginning with their place in the build process. You’ll experiment with build setting precedence rules and defining custom build settings.

SwiftUI 2.0: Custom Design Flexible Layout for iPhone and iPad

In this workshop, we will look at creating flexible custom layouts that work in both landscape and portrait. We will take a custom design made for both the iPhone and iPad and see how we can make it work for all sizes. We will also cover custom fonts and accessibility in this workshop.

First Steps in Lists and Grids in SwiftUI

In this introductory class we’ll play with displaying data in Lists and Grids in SwiftUI including the latest on Lazy, Grids, and Scroll Views. You’ll need the latest beta of Xcode 12 in order to have access to these recently released features of SwiftUI.

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