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SwiftUI navigation, Xcode Build Settings, Accessibility in SwiftUI, & Keyboards!

Hello, World!

We have a mix of popular and new exciting workshops lined up for you next week, including the return of James Dempsey’s Take Control Of Xcode Build Settings workshop - this time sponsored by Bitrise! Spots are limited, so make sure to also check out the workshops happening this week on our website.

We’ll be taking the next few weeks off, so make sure to join now! Hope to see you there!

SwiftUI navigation & deep linking

SwiftUI has revolutionized how we build views for our apps on all Apple platforms: with iOS 14 and macOS 11, SwiftUI has also graduated from being just a declarative UI framework to completely manage your app lifecycle as well. In this workshop we will explore in-depth how SwiftUI manages navigation and how it allows you to build advanced behaviors such as deep-linking, using solely SwiftUI.

Take Control Of Xcode Build Settings, sponsored by Bitrise!

In this hands-on workshop you will explore build settings in a variety of contexts beginning with their place in the build process. You’ll experiment with build setting precedence rules and defining custom build settings.

Accessibility in SwiftUI

Take a first look at the APIs that help make your SwiftUI interfaces a more accessible experience for everyone, and learn how to put them to use in an app!

Click! Clack! Supporting Keyboards in your apps!

The Magic Keyboard brought a much better touchpad / keyboard experience to the iPad. Whereas keyboards did exist for iPad from day one, the attached touchpad makes it a game changer that many users will want to equip their iPads with. These users will then expect to be able to control your app with a keyboard. Space to pause a video, Arrow Keys to browse through galleries, escape to leave dialogs, paging keys to browse lists and more. However, keyboard support in iOS has multiple layers: UIKeyCommand, UIResponder, UIPress and UITextInput. We will go through sample implementations for each of these to understand when to use them.

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