try! Swift World - Issue #12

We’re back for the final set of workshops before the holidays in December. This week, we’re excited to add a new workshop by Adrian Eves on HealthKit & watchOS and offer, by very popular demand, one more Xcode Build Settings workshop by James Dempsey.

Hope to see you there!

HealthKit & watchOS: Demystified

HealthKit seems like such a nebulous technology, but you can actually get it up and running with much less effort than you might have thought! In this workshop, we’ll touch on what HealthKit is, and we’ll build a jogging app together in SwiftUI!

Take Control Of Xcode Build Settings

In this hands-on workshop you will explore build settings in a variety of contexts beginning with their place in the build process. You’ll experiment with build setting precedence rules and defining custom build settings.

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