try! Swift World - Issue #14

Animations in SwiftUI, HealthKit & watchOS, Error handling in Combine, Design Systems w/ SwiftUI, & Cocoapods => SPM

Hello World!

This is your last chance to join try! Swift World before we take a holiday break through January. We got an incredible set of workshops for you the week of November 23rd. Take a look and make sure to join!

Excited to see you there! Natasha

Error handling in Combine

In this workshop, we will go through how errors are generated, propagated, and finally surfaced in Combine so that they can be handled at the appropriate layer. We will use various operators in the process like MapError, TryMap, Catch, Fail & many more.

HealthKit & watchOS: Demystified

HealthKit seems like such a nebulous technology, but you can actually get it up and running with much less effort than you might have thought! In this workshop, we’ll touch on what HealthKit is, and we’ll build a jogging app together in SwiftUI!

Build Flexible and Solid Design Systems w/ SwiftUI

Learn how to build an app design system from the ground up: in this workshop we will go from fundamentals to best practices on how to build a flexible and solid design system for any app, making creating new screens, updating components, and much more a breeze.

Juicy animations in SwiftUI

The animation capabilities of SwiftUI are simply great - it provides us with a variety of “tools” that allows us to create lively animations, transitions, and vivid eye candies with minimal effort.

Transitioning from Cocoapods to SPM

Now that SPM is supported inside Xcode and includes things like non-code resources, it might be time to migrate! In this workshop we will walk through changing moving a product from depending on cocoapods to using SPM instead. We’ll also cover how to add support for SPM in your own libraries so other people can do the same. Feel free to bring your own projects that have issues, we can discuss those with any time we have left!

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