try! Swift World - Issue #16

Hello World!

Sorry we had a bug with the last email sent!

I hope you had some sort of relaxing break and are excited to keep learning and building with Swift in the New Year! We’re thrilled to start off the New Year by continuing to bring together iOS Developers from all around the world, all with different levels of experience and backgrounds, to learn together as a community.

We’re always looking for new instructors, so if you’ve worked on a unique or interesting project lately, please do apply to lead a workshop and share your expertise with the community here:

Finally, a HUGE shout-out to Firebase for supporting our community by becoming a Gold Diversity sponsor. We’re looking to give away more scholarships, so if you know any community or anyone who would benefit from joining try! Swift World, please do ask them to apply for a Diversity Scholarship here:

Firebase has been a continuous supporter of try! Swift ever since we started, and it is because of sponsors like them that we can keep going. If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, email us at or reply to this email.

Now, without further ado, the workshops for next week are…

Add a SwiftUI watchOS app to your existing iOS app

In this workshop, we will take an existing fully-functional iOS application and add a companion watchOS app. You will learn basic watchOS SwiftUI controls and modifiers, navigation, and how to use haptics and the digital crown. You’re welcome to code along, or just watch and follow the presentation.

Build Flexible and Solid Design Systems w/ SwiftUI

Learn how to build an app design system from the ground up: in this workshop we will go from fundamentals to best practices on how to build a flexible and solid design system for any app, making creating new screens, updating components, and much more a breeze.

Juicy animations in SwiftUI

The animation capabilities of SwiftUI are simply great - it provides us with a variety of “tools” that allows us to create lively animations, transitions, and vivid eye candies with minimal effort.

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