try! Swift World - Issue #18

Hello World!

Yesterday was the first workshop of 2021, and I’m so happy for everyone to connect and learn together once again. I hope you join us next week as we have some new and very important workshop topics from Accessibility, to Giving a Tech Talk, to MVVM with SwifUI.

Hope to see you there! Natasha & Team

Accessibility: Rated E for Everyone

Let’s talk about accessibility, and why it’s so important. Accessibility, a term you’ve likely heard, is truly a magical thing, and I would love to show you just how incredible your development can be for everyone on the planet! While we will be using SwiftUI, the principles of accessibility can extend anywhere in your Swift career, so come join us!

Prepare Your First Tech Talk

Anyone can do a great tech talk, and I’m here to show you how! The only thing you need is a robust framework on how to brainstorm topics and decide what to talk about. In this workshop, I’ll teach you how to turn what you already know (or want to know about) into a rock-solid proposal worth submitting to any CFP. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a talk outline with specific learning goals and key takeaways, and a 200-word proposal ready to go.

Architecting SwiftUI Apps Using MVVM Design Pattern

There is no “C” in SwiftUI! By default SwiftUI apps do not come with controllers. You can add a controller but the declarative nature of SwiftUI advocates the use of MVVM Design Pattern. In this session you will learn the MVVM design pattern and how it can be incorporated into SwiftUI apps. You are also going to learn about state management in SwiftUI using state, observableObject, application and state object.

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