try! Swift World - Issue #19

Hello World!

Curious about the new ‘async’ / ‘await” feature in Swift? Make sure to join this week’s workshop to get a sneak peek at the future of Swift! And if you haven’t already, work with Julio Carrettoni on adding Combine to your UIKit app.

Hope to see you there! Natasha & Team

Future of Swift: a sneak peek at async / await

The addition of async and await might very well be the biggest change for Swift in 2021. While the feature is still in development, its implementation is advanced enough that we can install the latest Swift Development snapshot and already start experimenting with it 😁

Introducing your UIKit app to Combine

Now that combine is more stable and mature and with over 80% of iOS devices running it, is time to start adopting it. We will take a provided sample application written in UIKit and add some new features to it using Combine without having to refactor the whole codebase. Step by step we can make our existing applications more reactive and testable.

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