try! Swift World - Issue #20

Hello World!

Happy February! This week we have two workshops coming up that you don’t want to miss! Learn how to customize Transition Animations in SwiftUI with Ritesh Gupta and catch up on Machine Learning with Tim Oliver.

The workshops are in different time zones than usual, so definitely take a look if you can join for your location. I know this will cover some of you who haven’t been able to join before!

Hope to see you there! Natasha & Team

Custom Navigation/Presentation Transition Animations in SwiftUI

SwiftUI offers a couple of new transition and animation APIs, but they cannot override the Navigation/Presentation transitions and animations yet. However, at the same time, Apple has also provided some bridging APIs including UIViewControllerRepresentable which can be used to achieve the best of both worlds. In this workshop, we will figure out how to make custom Navigation/Presentation transition animations in the SwiftUI world.

A Crash Course on Machine Learning for iOS

Apple officially brought Machine Learning to app developers in 2017, and since then it has enabled whole new capabilities and experiences to users. This workshop serves as a crash course for developers interested in adopting Machine Learning in their apps, but aren’t sure where to start. During the workshop, we’ll discuss what capabilities are available to developers, learn how to train a model from scratch, and how to write code in order to integrate it into an app.

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