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Hello World!

Back by popular demand, we have one more chance for you to join Julio Carrettoni’s Introducing your UIKit app to Combine and Mugunth Kumar’s Asynchronous Programming in iOS with focus on Apple’s Multicore Architecture workshops. It is also not too late to join Mustafa Yusuf’s Leverage the Power of CloudKit workshop happening later today!

Hope to see you there!

Introducing your UIKit app to Combine

Now that combine is more stable and mature and with over 80% of iOS devices running it, is time to start adopting it. We will take a provided sample application written in UIKit and add some new features to it using Combine without having to refactor the whole codebase. Step by step we can make our existing applications more reactive and testable.

How to do Asynchronous Programming in iOS with focus on Apple's Multicore Architecture

While programming as a career is old, writing code that works flawlessly on hardware with multiple execution cores like Apple A series chips has not been easy. It requires one move from regular thread-based programming to queue-based programming. This move is not easy. It requires a mindset change and to achieve that mindset change, requires an understanding of how multicore architecture works behind the scenes.

Leverage the Power of CloudKit

Did you ever have an app idea, but you thought you’d need a backend developer for it? Maybe you just needed CloudKit. In this workshop, you will be learning to build a CloudKit based app which will touch upon a lot of concepts from storing, fetching, notification subscriptions and syncing data seamlessly across the whole Apple ecosystem.

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