try! Swift World - Issue #31

Hello World!

I hope you are excited about the yet-again virtual WWDC coming this June! In anticipation of WWDC (and everything changing!), we’ll be taking a break from workshops from May until July. This means that April is your last chance to join workshops to help you catch up with the latest before the big event.

This week we have one more chance to catch up on the latest in Core Data with Donny Wals and understanding Universal UI Components in SwiftUI with Malin Sundberg. Both of these workshops sold out previously, so don’t miss your last chance to join!

Hope to see you there!

Getting started with Core Data in a SwiftUI app

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of using Core Data. You’ll add Core Data to an existing app (from scratch), and you’ll learn how you can efficiently add data to a Core Data store and retrieve it later.

Creating Universal UI Components in SwiftUI

In addition to providing a fast way for building user interfaces, the flexibility of SwiftUI makes it great for creating custom UI components. In this workshop, we will go through how we can add our own look and feel to our apps.

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