try! Swift World - Issue #32

Hello World!

This week, we are excited to announce another workshop sponsored by our huge community supporter Bitrise - this time Distributing closed-source software with SPM by Daniel Saidi. Grab your ticket fast as they will go quickly! Thank you Bitrise!

We also have a very unique and fascinating workshop on a very important topic that has not gotten much attention - Flexible Diffable Data Sources by Daisy Ramos. And another super important workshop that is important to add to your workflow despite anything new that will be announced at WWDC - Linting and Formatting Your Code by Jason Zurita.

Hope to see you there!

Natasha & Team

Flexible Diffable Data Sources

We’ll start this workshop by creating a generic object that conforms to UICollectionViewDiffableDataSource and UITableViewDiffableDataSource. We’ll update a few of the protocol methods, configure the data source then work our way into handling snapshot updates without the infamous reloadData()!

Distributing closed-source software with SPM, sponsored by Bitrise!

In this workshop, we will look at how to use the Swift Package Manager (SPM) to distribute closed-source software. We will create an open-source library from scratch and extend it with pro features in a closed-source, pre-compiled framework, then use SPM to distribute both libraries. We will also look at how to work around some of the current limitations that exist with SPM. We will start from the very basics, so you will be able to follow along even if you haven’t used SPM before.

Linting and Formatting Your Code

Linting and formatting helps improve code quality, consistency, style, and to reduce bikeshedding during code reviews (even with yourself 🙃). In this workshop, we will dig into what linting and formatting tools are and why/how to use them. Maybe you already use them, but would like to know more about how to best use and integrate them? Or, maybe you know nothing about this subject, which is totally fine! We will start small by playing with these tools via the command-line then work our way up to integrating them into your Xcode and CI/CD workflows!

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