try! Swift World - Issue #34

Hello World!

Next week is the last week of workshops before WWDC, so don’t miss your chance to catch up on Building a Video App for tvOS in SwiftUI by Daniel Saidi and your final chance to Get started with Combine by refactoring existing code by Donny Wals. Both of these workshops should help you grasp SwiftUI and Combine in preparation for WWDC in case you haven’t had a chance to play with either since last year, so don’t miss out! 

Look for an announcement soon about try! Swift and WWDC :) 

Hope to see you there! Natasha & Team

Building a Video App for tvOS in SwiftUI

In this workshop, we will look at how to build a video streaming app for tvOS, using SwiftUI and Combine. We will create an app that lists movies in shelves and grids and create a movie detail page that lets us watch a trailer and mark the movie as a favorite. We will look at current SwiftUI performance problems on tvOS and how to work around them.

Getting started with Combine by refactoring existing code

Learn how you can start using Combine in your projects by refactoring them bit by bit. In this workshop, you will take a small sample project that’s built using UIKit and refactor bits and pieces of it so it uses Combine where possible.

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