try! Swift World - Issue #6

Hello, World!

Apple Event happening today! Watch and then join us from all around the world to learn together as we, as developers, adapt to whatever is announced :)

Build Multiplatform Apps in SwiftUI

In this workshop we will build a multiplatform sample app that will run on iOS, iPadOS and macOS using the new 2020 SwiftUI APIs. We will look into the differences in UI and adapt the app to look great on all 3 platforms while also sharing a lot of our SwiftUI code between them.

App Clips: how to minify your app

Learn how to design, develop, and distribute App Clips for your app or for other businesses, as well as the main issues you’re likely to run into when trying to reuse existing code and assets for an App Clip experience.

Contribute to Your First Open Source SwiftUI Project Today!

In this workshop, you will learn the standard Git workflow for submitting a contribution to an open source project on Github. Then, you will use your new skills to make a contribution to an open source SwiftUI project, built just for this class.

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