try! Swift World - Issue #8

We wanted to start by giving a big thank you to Bitrise for being such a huge supporter of the Swift community throughout the years and especially now in these times. This week, Bitrise is the sponsor for Roxana Jula’s Build an iOS Augmented Reality Real Estate App workshop.

It continues to be amazing to see you all from all over the world getting together to learn and share on a daily basis. Excited to see you there next week!

Workshops include:

Build an iOS Augmented Reality Real Estate App, Sponsored by Bitrise!

Augmented Reality is slowly but surely growing into one of the most exciting future techs. Apple is heavily investing into it and developing AR experiences has never been easier for iOS developers. In this session, you will learn about USDZ files, AR Quick Look, how to use Reality Converter and how to make your experiences more fun with the use of Reality Composer.

CI/CD Basics for iOS applications

If you are getting tired of manually uploading builds for your testers, or asking people to run tests themselves, then this is the tutorial for you! In this tutorial, you’ll take a real iOS application and learn about how to set up automation to make its development smoother.

Take Control Of Xcode Build Settings

In this hands-on workshop you will explore build settings in a variety of contexts beginning with their place in the build process. You’ll experiment with build setting precedence rules and defining custom build settings.

SwiftUI 2.0: Complex UI Design - Movie Ticketing

In this workshop, we will learn how to create a Movie Ticketing App using the latest SwiftUI technologies. We will learn how to compose complex design and use state to drive interaction. Finally, we will cover how to add animations to give the overall app a professional look and feel.

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