try! Swift World - Issue #9

Combine, Release at scale, Accessibility in SwiftUI, SwiftUI navigation and deep linking, KeyPaths, & more!

Hello, World!

One of the biggest goals of try! Swift World is to bring us all together from around the world during a time when it’s not possible to do so face-to-face. So we can continue strong as a community, learning and sharing what we learn despite the obstacles.

I continue to be impressed and grateful every time I join each workshop and see you all there, especially the variety of locations! We are truly a world community. Thank you all for continuing to join and learn!

Workshops for this week include:

Introducing your UIKit app to combine, sponsored by Bitrise!

Now that combine is more stable and mature and with over 80% of iOS devices running it, is time to start adopting it. We will take a provided sample application written in UIKit and add some new features to it using Combine without having to refactor the whole codebase. Step by step we can make our existing applications more reactive and testable.

Release at scale

Before your users can enjoy your great new feature, important bug fix, or shiny new UI, you need to package and ship the app – without slowing down your development cycle. Learn how Automattic releases 10 apps every two weeks like clockwork without breaking a sweat. Then we’ll take you through how to quickly set up your apps to take advantage of the same automations we use.

Accessibility in SwiftUI

Take a first look at the APIs that help make your SwiftUI interfaces a more accessible experience for everyone, and learn how to put them to use in an app!

KeyPaths: understanding the basics and more

In this workshop, we’ll cover the basic use cases for KeyPaths and understand their strengths and limitations. Then, we’ll take it a bit further and we’ll build an SQL-like API that will let us perform data manipulation entirely through KeyPaths.

Identifying performance bottlenecks in development workflow

n this workshop, you will learn to write performance tests using both XCTPerformanceMetric and XCTMetric system, monkey-patch all the rough edges in performance APIs, and extract performance metrics for your CI pipeline.

SwiftUI navigation and deep linking

SwiftUI has revolutionized how we build views for our apps on all Apple platforms: with iOS 14 and macOS 11, SwiftUI has also graduated from being just a declarative UI framework to completely manage your app lifecycle as well. In this workshop we will explore in-depth how SwiftUI manages navigation and how it allows you to build advanced behaviors such as deep-linking, using solely SwiftUI.

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