try! Swift World - Issue #9

Hello, World!

We’re excited for another week of workshops. This week includes App Clips, SwiftUI 2.0: Complex UI Design, and CoreText. And make sure to check out the workshops happening this week on our website:

Hope to see you there!

App Clips: how to minify your app

Learn how to design, develop, and distribute App Clips for your app or for other businesses, as well as the main issues you’re likely to run into when trying to reuse existing code and assets for an App Clip experience.

SwiftUI 2.0: Complex UI Design - Movie Ticketing

In this workshop, we will learn how to create a Movie Ticketing App using the latest SwiftUI technologies. We will learn how to compose complex design and use state to drive interaction. Finally, we will cover how to add animations to give the overall app a professional look and feel.

CoreText: Let’s build Text Label

Take a look at the CoreText API - a foundation of layout and drawing text on macOS and iOS. In this workshop we’ll attempt to build Text Label (akin UILabel), learn about layers of CoreText API and how to use it.

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