try! Swift World Workshops - Week of July 20th Part II

We're back! New workshops!

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for out technical issues in our last email. The links below should now work!

I hope you enjoyed this year’s virtual WWDC. Whether you followed along and want to play with the latest or didn’t have time to catch up, we got you covered! Get hands-on with the latest in these workshops starting back up on July 20th. See you there!

Semantic SwiftUI & Mac Catalyst

In this workshop, we’ll explore all the new semantic views (DisclosureGroup, GroupBox, Label etc.) introduced in WWDC20, and how they adapt across various screen factors and device idioms. We’ll also explore “Optimize Interface for Mac”, new additions to the split view controller and discuss how to effectively adapt our app’s navigation style for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

First Steps in SwiftUI

In this fast-moving workshop we’ll look at the building blocks of a SwiftUI app. We’ll quickly build a scene that leads you to explore the five fundamental ways of interacting with data: State, Binding, Ordinary properties, Observable Objects, and the all-new StateObject . You’ll work with common elements and learn the basics of layout and building a scene.

Xcode Power Boost

Power up your Xcode development and take control of your project. This workshop introduces you to less-used tools that will help you track down code, whether you’re working on small or enterprise-level projects. You’ll learn to create custom search scopes, to extend the ways you navigate, and to use built-in elements like the Related Items menu to connect your code to callers and callees, to subtypes and supertypes, and more. Newly refreshed for Xcode 12, previous workshop attendees have called this “genuinely useful content” for “learning stuff I never thought to look for”.

Pseudo-Keywords: Functional Programming at its finest

In this workshop, you’ll learn about pseudo-keywords: a clever and powerful pattern that lets us implement many language-level features almost as if they were built into Swift itself 🚀

A Quick Introduction to Core Bluetooth

This course will demonstrate, in great detail, development of a Core Bluetooth ‘Central’ application, applicable to all Apple operating systems (iOS, MacOS, WatchOS, TVOS, and iPadOS).

First steps in Combine

This is the perfect time to incorporate Combine in your apps. In this fast-moving workshop we’ll take a simple SwiftUI app and convert into one that uses Combine. You’ll get a feel for the four main components of Combine: Publishers, Subscribers, Subscriptions, and Operators.

SwiftUI 2.0 Complex UI Design

In this workshop, we will learn how to create a Flight Booking App using the latest SwiftUI technologies. We will cover design, animations, and Combine when we build this app.

From Zero to SwiftPM

As WWDC showed us over and over, it’s time to start adopting SwiftPM to build and use your Swift code libraries. This workshop introduces the basics of the Swift Package Manager. You’ll learn how to build, test, deploy, and document frameworks, create dependencies in your Xcode projects, handle updates both as an author and a consumer, and more. This hands-on workshop covers all the basics from git tagging for creating new releases to package registries that help you promote and share your work.

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